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all comments made here are all personal experiences , experienced while doing what I love to do the best


"Genealogy has been my life and the fulfillment it gives me to see a person finally discover who they are, and where they come from cannot be described or truly put into words. All I know is it feels really great. And that's why I do what I do, to the very best of my abilities. Every Project has it's own unique set of challenges, with its own individual results.

Thus no responsible dedicated Researcher can give guarantees, only that, I promise to give each and every client the benefit of my many years of experience and will exhaust all avenues of research before the job is done.

Jamaica has three major document repositories, holding several million records, specifically but not limited to maps, deeds, wills, patents, land grants, births, baptisms, marriages and deaths, to name only a few. Each repository is governed by specific laws of the island ,as well as two other minor yet valuable additional sources of data. Between them all with the right amount of time and patience, I can unlock the mysteries behind your ancestors lives, making them live once more in your eyes and the eyes of generations yet to come.

So I now wholeheartedly invite you all to come with me on this worthwhile journey of self discovery"

Dianne T. Golding Frankson

Sights and scenes from recent Ancestral Tour's

Clifton Mount in the parish of St Andrew is the oldest continuous coffee plantation located in the cool climes of the Blue Mountains at an altitude of 4000 ft

Phillida and her son, Dan traveled all the way from New Zealand to see this beautiful place because it was once the residence of their ancestor's best friend, J.B.King

They knew of its existence because it had been painted by a young energetic female artist, named Margaret North, the sister in law of their ancestor

Here is the painting spoken of above, as it can be seen there was some artistic license employed with the mountain scene behind the house, artists very often will do these types of visual manipulation to visually frame the main scene for dramatic effect.

Signing the visitors book, a wonderful print of the original painting was also left as a gift to the current owners of the plantation, the Sharpe Brothers, and I may add a personal note, their efforts in its preservation are to be lauded as incredible indeed

The gardens were immaculately maintained and was breathtakingly beautiful

There were many varieties of the Hibiscus to be seen

On the way back we were treated to a rare event, the military were conducting training maneuver's with the young fresh recruit's at the New Castle parade ground

Jamaica's military has a long and honourable history and was formed from the West India regiments upon the declaration of Independence, to become the Jamaica Defense Force.

Touring the Country Estate of Mt. Plenty, home of one of Jamaica's most talented and prolific Artists and Sculptures

Laura Facey- Cooper

On the Tour she graciously showed us her artistic expression from paintings, sculpture to furniture designs, absolutely breathe-taking

here you can see her ladders in the background

In the entrance foray we were treated to an extraordinary home, with grand carved wood pieces, Laura likes molding and carving wondrous shapes from gigantic pieces of wood, her motto is the reuse of fallen or felled trees

Here is a beautiful piece of multimedia sculpture done by Laura Facey-Cooper

The famous plum line and needle assemblage carved from Lignum vitae, Jamaica's national tree and one of the hardest woods in the world. Renown for its natural resistance to insects and the elements.

The Tour also included the incredible country estate of Bellevue, home of the indomitable force of nature and my friend, Mrs Valerie Facey, widow of the late great Hon. Maurice Facey, O.J, the parents of Laura Facey


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